We plan to ship your order no later than in 14 business days. Please allow 2-3 days in transit with Fedex. 

Quality Promise

We are proud to offer guarantees on all our products and services. We offer a "lifetime" guarantee on the manufacturing of all JuneBug Albums. If you experience any issue whatsoever with the binding, printing or quality of your JuneBug Album and it is shown to be due to a defect in manufacturing or printing, we will repair or replace the book free of charge.

Album Usage 

  • The rule of thumb is that the thicker and heavier an album is - the easier it is to damage it.
  • Always browse your album on a sturdy, flat surface which is cleared of any dirty or moisture.
  • The area of an album which is most prone to damage is the end papers (the black or white card which attaches the book to the album cover) as they are under a high amount of stress. Although we do a great deal to reinforce these areas of the albums, if you are not careful and you allow this area of the book to become highly stressed, it is possible that they could break or become damaged.
  • Never allow either side of the open album to fall below the horizontal flat line of the other side.
  • Approach handing of your album or prints with care and with clean hands. Whilst our papers are very durable, excessive oils and moisture may mark or damage them.
  • It is highly recommended that young children not be left to browse albums without adult supervision.
  • Always remove the album from the box with the strap provided in the box. This will limit the likelihood that the album will become damaged during the removal process.

Album Storage

  • Albums should be stored flat and in a box. This is particularly important with larger/heavier albums.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects directly atop your album as this may cause "denting" in the fabric of the cover. In most cases these dents will resolve themselves over time once the album has been moved to a more suitable storage situation. However, in severe cases, these dents can become permanent.
  • The ideal humidity levels for storage are between 40 and 50%. Conditions which are too dry may make your album block bow whereas humid conditions may cause warping (waving) of the pages. Although these occurrences are completely natural, they are usually undesirable.
  • Should your album block bow or warp, we recommend that you place your album in an area of your home or office which has better humidity conditions for 24 - 48 hours with a slight weight on top of the book (be careful of damaging the cover). This should cause the humidity to equalise and the book should return to normal.
  • Attics, lofts, basements, cellars or non-environmentally controlled storage facilities are not appropriate locations for long term (more than 3 days) storage of your album.
  • Albums and prints should be kept away from excessive temperatures and humidity.
  • Albums and prints should be protected from excessive light exposure. Although our products are highly resistant to fading, placing a print or an album in direct sunlight for extended periods of time may cause them to fade. Similarly, pigments used in the cloth/leather dying process may fade over time if allowed to be exposed to harsh lighting conditions. Even with the best products in the world - harsh light can be a killer!


Not happy with the product? 

Complaints conditions:

• Issues must be reported within 7 business days from the date of parcel delivery via email support@junebugalbums.com
• Photos are required to document all cases of damage or defect. To report a damaged product, defect or damage resulting from the production process, the customer must attach photos of the defect - without them, we are not able to verify if the problem occurred as a result of improper transportation or if a customer did not handle the album as per TLC Guide attached. Complaints without photos will not be processed.
• If your complaint has been approved and a reprint is due, your package will be sent to the original shipping address for the order unless you provide us with a new one.

The complaint will not cover:
• Physical damage to the cover as a result of improper handling
• Errors in personalization (typos, spelling mistakes)
• Low quality of photos submitted
• Differences in color between the printout and an uncalibrated monitor (e.g. dark designs may appear darker after printing than on the monitor) 
• Errors in the project (improper arrangement of photos, artifacts resulting from any graphic corrections, failure to comply with the requirements on the website, etc.)
• Our linen fabrics are dyed to order, there may be slight differences in their shades
• Our leather is a natural material, wrinkles, and variations in shade or texture are naturally occurring

JuneBugAlbums.com does not verify the correctness of the address. An order that does not reach the customer / is lost as a result of entering an incorrect or incomplete address is not subject to a complaint.

We have:
• 5 business days to consider the complaint,
• 14 business days for album production if the fault is on the JuneBug Albums side
• Standard turnaround for reprint if the fault occurred on the client’s side or the reprint is a consequence of courier service

Situations resulting from courier services subject to complaints:
• Lost parcel
• Prolonged delivery (3-4 weeks longer than the standard delivery times under  pandemic conditions)
• Destruction of the outer packaging – it’s obligatory for complaint claim to take photos of the outer package

After receiving a defective product, can the customer request a refund instead of a replacement?

A refund is only possible if JuneBug Albums (JBA) has committed to delivering the product to a specific event/date, and:
• the shipment was delayed due to production reasons, failing to meet the delivery date,
• the delivered product has a defect resulting from the production process, not the fault of the customer
• damage to the parcel as a result of transport does not qualify for a refund

In other cases, the refund is not possible - in order to fulfill the terms of the contract with the customer, we undertake to replace / reprint and ship the order as soon as possible.

If the customer receives a product that, due to JBA fault, qualifies for replacement or repair, JBA retains the right to an individual assessment (based on the value of the order and the customer's location) whether to have the product picked up or made again. The decision will not adversely affect the cost of replacement/repair.

In the event of a complaint, we only replace the defective/damaged element - if the album came complete with a box and a cover, and these were not reported as defective / damaged - we will only send the album back.

In a situation where the reprint takes place as a request of the customer (for example the end-client damaged the cover and wants to replace it), the support team will present the customer with the available options and costs for further proceeding.

The extended lifetime warranty (the one in the brochure which is sent with each order) does not cover the cover/box material, only its block. If a customer complains about a product made of a material that we no longer offer, we will propose an appropriate/satisfactory replacement.