The Different Kind of Photo Albums You Can Create With Junebug Albums


Many believe that photo albums are reserved for large, monumental life events only. Well, that’s just not the case. The purpose of investing in a photo album is to preserve all the moments, large or small, that hold a special place in your heart. To help you get some creative ideas flowing, here’s a list of different kinds of photo albums you can create with Junebug Albums

1. Wedding Guest Book 

Your wedding day is approaching, and you're on the lookout for a unique way to involve your loved ones. If this sounds like you, a wedding guest book is calling your name. They're not just a way for guests to express their love. They also double as a cherished keepsake for you. But, instead of purchasing a generic book filled with empty white pages, customize your own with Junebug Albums. Fill the book with engagement or sentimental couple photos, and leave some blank spaces for guests to write thoughtful messages.

2. Wedding Album 

Your wedding day is over, you’ve received your photos back from your photographer, and you’ve shared them online—so, what's next? Why not give those memories a forever home in a Junebug Album? It’s not only a sweet way to keep our wedding photos safe, but it also makes for a tangible keepsake you can revisit time and time again. It also makes a great home decor piece you can display on a bookshelf or as a coffee table. 

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3. Family Album 

When you picture your most precious moments, your growing family might be the first to come to mind. Maybe you want to show off your latest family vacation or reunion. Maybe it’s impossible to narrow it down to just one special time, so you want to create a family yearbook showcasing all your family’s favorite moments over the years. 

4. Preserve Your Child’s Art Pieces 

If you have young children, odds are you’ve collected quite a stash of artwork they’ve created at school or in your home. And as a parent, it can be hard to trash all these sentimental pieces made by your pride and joy. With Junebug Albums, you don’t have to. Scan your child’s art pieces and preserve them in an album. This will make storing and revisiting these special memories easy and oh-so-special. 

5. A Travel Book 

Whether you've just returned from a once-in-a-lifetime experience abroad or you're a perpetual jet-setter always exploring new destinations, a travel book from Junebug Albums is your passport to documenting those adventures. Fill the pages with photos of you and your loved ones on your latest trip, or create an album showcasing stunning film photos of breathtaking landscapes.  Either way, it’ll make for a sweet coffee table book you’ll constantly want to show off.  

6. Recipe Book

Elevate your kitchen game by customizing a book of recipes that are sentimental to you and your loved ones. Gather up those cherished family recipes that have been passed down for generations or even new ones you’ve created yourself, and scan them into your Junebug Album with photos of the finished products. 

Junebug Albums were crafted with a multitude of ideas in mind. The goal is to preserve what matters most to you, whatever that may be, in an extra special way. We hope this list of ideas sparks your creativity. If it did, there’s no need to wait—create a stunning album today!